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Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control

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There’s a little bug invading our Quiet Corner of Connecticut. It’s called the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid ( HWA ) and was unknown in Connecticut before Hurricane Gloria in 1985. Since then it has relentlessly spread throughout Connecticut and it is now epidemic in our area.

The HWA is similar to an aphid. Its distinguishing mark is the small cotton ball like egg sacs. For most of it’s life cycle it quietly feeds on its host Hemlock but make no mistake it’s murder to Hemlocks! The HWA can kill a tree in as little as two years.

Bad news and Good News

The bad news is that the HWA has been very successful in finding its niche in the environment in Connecticut due to the fact that here it has no natural predators. It is a native of the Orient where several insect predators do a good job of keeping it in check. The ultimate control of the HWA depends on finding a predator which can be established in our climate. Unfortunately this solution is only a future dream.

The good news is that in the meantime the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid can be controlled on the landscape with environmentally benign pesticides. The treatment protocol for your trees will depend upon factors such as the condition of your trees, and the physical site and what you wish to accomplish. According to these factors we will design a treatment program using a combination of Horticultural oil, a growth enhancing biocatalyst, and one or several systemic insecticides which can be absorbed by your hemlocks roots or directly injected into the tree and translocated though out the tree’s vasculature.

Immediate, effective and long term control can be implemented. Even severely stressed Hemlocks can be brought back to health. Scout for the Hemlock Adelgid now!

The HWA is a insidious problem. Since its presence is not very dramatic the little white egg sacks on hemlocks are often looked on as a curiosity which can be ignored. They won’t go away so don’t ignore them. Go out and scout your trees – look for the white cottony sacs – they’re easy to see. If you detect the presence of the Adelgid call us. Together we can insure that the Eastern Hemlock, one of our most beautiful woodland trees, won’t go the way of the Elm and the Chestnut.

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